Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success
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Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

As a mother of two grade-school children, I know first-hand just how hard it can be to keep kids motivated and excited about school--especially as summer break draws to an end. One year, I decided to implement a study routine for my kids throughout the summer, which I found helped them retain the information they learned during the academic year and made for an easier transition back to school in the fall. I've put together this blog to help other parents prepare their children for success in the upcoming school year. I hope this helps your child have his or her best year yet!


Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

Benefits Of All-Girls Catholic Schools

Rick Russell

If you are currently attempting to decide on a school for your daughter, it can be worth the time to review the benefits of enrolling her in an all-girls Catholic school. This will make it easier to fairly compare these options for your daughter's education needs.

Develop Independence

Depending on the school that you choose, there is likely to be a strong emphasis on fostering a strong sense of independence among the students. Unfortunately, some parents may be concerned about enrolling their child in an all-girl Catholic school due to concerns about children being overly sheltered. By fostering a strong sense of independence, you can help your child to be ready to face new and unfamiliar challenges and temptations.

Foster Religious And Spiritual Development

Families that emphasize their faith and spirituality may want their children to be educated in an environment that fosters these values. A Catholic school will have the freedom to blend your child's need for a rigorous education with fostering a robust faith. This is done by incorporating religious services and classes into the curriculum of the school. For example, it is common for students of Catholic schools to attend daily mass services.

A Wide Variety Of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities will give your child a chance to find their interests and strengths. Furthermore, these services will also aid in strengthening the child's college application. Private schools will often have a wider variety of extracurricular activities than public schools due to having better resources and smaller student populations.

Greater Personalized Attention

Children that are able to get ample personalized attention from their instructors will be more likely to succeed in mastering difficult subjects. Not surprisingly, student-teacher ratios can be a major factor that parents will consider. While it will still be necessary for you to review these ratios for any potential schools, private religious schools will often have extremely low ratios. This can allow your child to get the attention and help that they need to thrive.

Choosing an all-girls Catholic school can allow you to take advantage of some important benefits for your child. Unfortunately, there are many parents that are unaware of the fact that these schools can provide greater personalized attention and a wider range of activities and subjects as well as having nurturing religious environments that foster independence. By appreciating these important benefits, it can be easier to decide whether a Catholic school will be right for your daughter's educational needs.