Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success
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Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

As a mother of two grade-school children, I know first-hand just how hard it can be to keep kids motivated and excited about school--especially as summer break draws to an end. One year, I decided to implement a study routine for my kids throughout the summer, which I found helped them retain the information they learned during the academic year and made for an easier transition back to school in the fall. I've put together this blog to help other parents prepare their children for success in the upcoming school year. I hope this helps your child have his or her best year yet!


Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

  • Why You Should Consider Sending Your Daughter to an All-Girls Catholic High School

    15 December 2020

    If your daughter is about to enter high school, you may want to consider sending her to an all-girls Catholic high school instead of a public school. Even though some people believe that these schools are old-fashioned, there are still many advantages to attending a Catholic high school where only young ladies are allowed to enroll. By weighing the advantages of going to an all-girls Catholic school, you may conclude that this type of high school will be the best choice for your daughter.