Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success
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Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

As a mother of two grade-school children, I know first-hand just how hard it can be to keep kids motivated and excited about school--especially as summer break draws to an end. One year, I decided to implement a study routine for my kids throughout the summer, which I found helped them retain the information they learned during the academic year and made for an easier transition back to school in the fall. I've put together this blog to help other parents prepare their children for success in the upcoming school year. I hope this helps your child have his or her best year yet!


Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

Graduating From High School? Two Reasons To Spend A Gap Year Abroad

Rick Russell

Matriculating through high school and finally reaching the point of graduation is definitely something to be proud of. Although you are ending one phase of your life, you are now ready to step into the next part of your journey. Maybe you are thinking of going to college but are still a little unsure about what your future may hold. Take a look at how spending a gap year in a study abroad program can enhance your life in some pretty spectacular ways.

Build Skills In A Gap Year Study Abroad Program

While you were in high school, you probably learned all kinds of material. Math, English, and science are typically prominent classes, with a few electives thrown in for good measure. However, there is still so much more to learn. You can broaden your horizons and gain amazing skills by taking a gap year to study abroad. The lessons you absorb during this time frame could set you on a completely different path for years to come!

Imagine going to a different country and being immersed in the culture. You might choose a program that is designed to help you learn another language or maybe even decide to spend the time at sea. Being thrust into a new environment can be very enriching, and seeing so much more of the world opens your mind and transforms your perspective. It's possible to walk away from the experience with a plan that is completely opposite of the one you had at the very beginning.

Embrace Diversity In A Gap Year Study Abroad Program

Many of the people you went to school with were likely quite similar to you. There is a certain comfort that comes from being around folks that remind you of yourself, but this may not work as well once you enter the real world. You'll be interacting with individuals from many different backgrounds, and without the appropriate interpersonal skills, you could end up at a loss.

Going abroad allows you to mix and mingle with the kind of people you may have never come into contact with before. This gives you an appreciation for diversity that works well when you enter university or start a career.

Take advantage of this precious time while you can. Sign up for a gap year study abroad program and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. For more information, reach out to a gap year program, like A+ World Academy.